The difference between horrific failure and glorious success is your team’s ability to deal with change - FAST!

We are living in the Change Economy!  A new world where Innovators and Future Thinkers live with Change as a constant. To live change, Organsiations, Teams and Individuals need to build the willing ability and powerful skills to be instantly flexible, accept and be open to change.  Where change is a constant, it is those that have the skill and ability to accept change fast  that makes the difference between being 'Innovative Change Leaders' and everyone else.

The Rechargeables Change Agents workshops reveals the top 5 secrets to rapid change management, innovation, connection and creativity.

With their unique and proven training techniques, The Rechargeables team will have your audience laughing while leaving them with powerful practical tools that will help them become comfortable with the uncomfortable state of change; they will be be able to communicate their ideas rapidly while accepting the attitude and idea of others.  

Business history tells us that companies who are continuously investing in their team’s ability to look for and accept new ideas have strong morale and outstanding retention, leading directly to HIGH LEVEL PRODUCTIVITY and RESULTS.

A crucial part of any company’s growth, Change Agents will have your staff seeing their own role and that of their fellow employees in a new light that will engage and inspire them.

They will:

·      Laugh and learn practical real-world tools for rapid adaptive change

·      Uncover best-practice communication that ensures and solidifies high-level team morale

·      Experience elite level mastery team-building that brings people together and helps them stick like SUPER GLUE

” Be prepared to laugh until you cry as boundaries are stretched and you are involved in taking communication to a whole new level. A resounding success, The Rechargeables session cemented the success of our whole program!”Group Training Australia