"The Rechargeables delivered and then some! Seriously smart, seriously funny, able to leap crowd anxiety in a single bound and encourage participation that was ‘edge of your seat’ engaging!  The Rechargebles are true talents that showed mastery  of comic timing that was high value, clever and NEVER crossed the line. It was a pleasure to meet, participate ( yes they got me up on stage, I think they have enhanced my approval rating with the Gen Y staff by about 300%) and watch the Rechargeables in action. This was money well spent and I could not advocate highly enough for the team, we will defiantly be bringing them back!" - Injury Treatment


“Well it was just what the doctor ordered! After a couple of days of Conferencing the mid afternoon Rechargeables session was spot on. Rather than a presentation from the podium, The Rechargeables got everyone gladly involved, doing things they never would have previously dreamed of, while learning a few things about themselves and their colleagues.   Inhibitions soon melted away, and the witty and tasteful humour meant that everyone had a great time, which is always a risk with any form of comedy in a mixed audience. Would I engage The Rechargeables again? Absolutely. I recommend them to someone who wants to put some fun into any gathering?  Yes!” Arthur Ellis Pty Ltd


“The Rechargeables were the perfect entertainment act, no matter what the theme. Their fresh approach and broad sense of humour was perfect for my large, multicultural group of store managers. From hire to farewell, I couldn’t be more happy with the progress and professionalism of the group.”  DSE (Holding) Pty Ltd


"The Rechargeables! are true professionals able to capture an audience quickly and set the tone of the night on a high. They played a critical role in ensuring the evening was a huge success – nothing was too difficult and they worked seamlessly to our requirements!” Roche Pharmaceuticals


“Excellent! The best conference session I have attended!” St George Bank


“On behalf of the Customer Service Institute of Australia, we wish to thank you for generously supplying The Rechargeables for our 2007 Australian Service Excellence Awards ceremony.

We would also like to compliment The Rechargeables for their professionalism and entertainment value, right down to the finer details of arriving on time for their sound checks and preparation. The feedback we have received both on the evening and afterwards from our guests and award winners has been tremendous. The Rechargeables were certainly well received by the large corporations and all we had attending our event.  From CSIA’s perspective, it was a highlight for us on the night to see many of our clients having so much fun on stage in the interactive components of their performance.  

Without a doubt, this witty and devilishly clever group of performers have a wonderful future ahead of them. We look forward to working with you again in the future.” -  Customer Service Institute of Australia


“Just take a tough crowd of 110 people and try to keep them both entertained and in order for three whole days? Sounds like a job for The Rechargeables!  MCing our Annual Staff Conference is a challenging job at the best of times; The Rechargeables added a whole new level to the role. They engaged, they entertained, they kept people organised and in order, they challenged and they made laughter. Most importantly, The Rechargeables treated the audience as though they were intelligent, so they had them in the palm of their hand.

Apart from anything, as an event manager and client, they were a true delight to work with and ultimately flexible.    The Rechargeables are true professionals in this rare art. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.”         Ashe Morgan Winthrop


“I wanted to thank all the TR team for their efforts and enthusiasm over the course of the year's workshops and the finale night. Everyone who attended had heaps of fun and I really feel that the workshops have helped us to bring to life our values in an energetic, creative and fun-filled way. The TR team clearly understood the meaning of these values and used their improvisation techniques effectively weave them into the culture we are working to develop.” Swiss Reinsurance Company


“Many thanks and professional kudos to the team from The Rechargeables! Our conference had many challenges that needed to be overcome and in particular the character portrayals at the cocktail party were key to the outcomes. The team were superb and the way that they interacted with the team and drove them towards the specific outcomes was brilliant.   Their after dinner show was a perfect way of demonstrating the value of improvisation and what it provides people in terms of confidence, interaction and charm! The team had us in fits of laughter and we definitely will be using them again in our organisation. "St George Bank


“I’d like to thank you and the team for your work at our International Sales Conference in Singapore. You and your team’s involvement in our program allowed us to take a new approach to running these meetings. The feedback has been sensational. Not only were the team entertained throughout the session but the content was also supported by your performances.  Thanks for making our meeting the successful day that it was. I would gladly recommend The Rechargeables to any company wanting to run a meeting that will have an impact!” Stryker Australia


On behalf of the OzMo committee and all those lucky enough to see your presentation at OzMo, thankyou for an excellent session.  The feedback has been nothing short of sensational and was exactly what was needed to end the two days.  We would love the words to the song if possible - we will have to frame the rap! - Fitness First